Expo 2025

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” 


Expo Canada

A project to help advocate for Canada’s bid in World Expo 2025. 

Proposing the theme of sustainable technology in hopes of demystifying products that aid in building a sustainable future, and educating communities of the options that are currently available. 

Expo 2025 is a world’s fair in the format of a large public exhibition hosted in countries around the world to display their outstanding characteristics and to attract tourism. Expo 2025 being held in Canada is meant to showcase the pre-existing landmarks as well as the local culture. Expo 2025 will comprise of entertainment, marketplaces, and an overall immersive experience of Canadian city culture.

The theme for Expo 2025 is sustainable technology. The purpose of Expo 2025 is to demystify products that aid in building sustainable life, and educate the population of the possibilities that are available currently.

Aiming to target dense urban areas, the bid will demonstrate the ability to convert an existing space to sustainable technology and will urge other cities to do the same. By doing this demonstration, the technologies installed for Expo 2025 will remain in the dwellings that they reside throughout the city, making Canada the catalyst for positive change.


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