A browser plugin that instantly verifies information on all areas of the web. Aiming to make sharing false information online obsolete.

Largely inspired by Keith Olbermann's video, "How the media needs to respond to Trump now", for GQ Magazine. Particularly the responsibility he places on the media for distributing informed reports.

Factoid is a conceptual project that strives to harbour a new precedent for presenting information by using a platform to fact-check anything on the internet. By combatting all outlets of communication to deliver information to the public on the spot, we empower the population to make decisions that will contribute to a more productive future.

Factoid's goals are to influence larger strides of peacemaking in communities divided by opposing views. With this information, we will be able to predict trends in the upcoming future and accurately see the condition of our societies. Ultimately, encouraging members to take action towards negative consequences that may be impacting their lives.


The Brand

Developing the brand was important in introducing the notion of a product that could preform fact-checking in a credible manner. 


The logo was created with the idea of using the power connection pins from a USB to symbolize the storage and distribution of information. Also, the gold strokes visually elude to statistics in a bar graph.

Download the logo  here .

Download the logo here.


The icons are the symbol that will occupy the browser. Though the icon can be used without the wordmark, the wordmark should not be displayed without the icon.

Download the icon  here .

Download the icon here.

Download the icon  here .

Download the icon here.

Exclusion Zones

This logo's exclusion zone is equal to the height of the logo.


Minimum Size

The minimum size of the logo is 20px wide and the icon is 7px wide.


Brand Colours

Our Fonts