Pre: Toronto Design Offsite


With the date quickly approaching, the stress is mounting for finalizing details for Toronto Design Offsite. 

We’re already revealed some elements of the brand and it’s gotten a lot of engagement on social media and within the design community which is super exciting! I’ve even gotten friends that aren’t involved with design hyped about coming to offsite! 

I feel like we’re on such a good track to do an amazing exhibition but we also have miles to go in terms of execution. Though our strategy is rock-solid, I’m anxious about the time it will take to troubleshoot problems and create the materials in the next two weeks. 

But I have the say, I’m in love with my team. The experiential team is made up of so many people with such diverse backgrounds; they’re so entirely engaged with great ideas and unique perspectives that always invoke such insightful discussions. In a short amount of time we’re gained a few members and lost a few members but it hasn’t disrupted the balance of our flow, we’ve figured out a way to reassign roles and shift people around as need-be. I can feel our class collaborating more and more as time passes and our fondness for each other only continues to grow as our vision becomes clearer.

I won’t lie though, meetings are gruelling, and everyone feels it. Eight to nine hour meetings on a Saturday isn’t necessarily what I expected for prepping for a graduation showcase. I can’t speak for previous years but I wouldn’t have guessed the amount of effort to create a grad show would surmount the amount of work I produced for my classes or my portfolio. We make and remake things constantly to develop the most thoughtful version, and we plan a lot to ensure that every detail is pixel perfect. All this on top of full-time school can be a lot.

Ultimately, I think in the grand scheme of things, it’s definitely worth it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a memorable experience with my peers and develop some really innovative, playful things. This is our first project as an entire class, and the success of this reflects each and every one of us; it pushes us but also motivates us to strive for more together. In our last year, we are not designers in competition but we are a unit to showcase our growth as students and commemorate the time we’ve spent together.  

Angela LiTODOFF, Experiential