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TwitterGo is a feature that allows users to Tweet location-specific content.

Twitter is a fantastic platform that enables users to share thoughts, feelings, commentary, and moments. Users generate content daily on a variety of topics and is an amazing hub for information. However, this valuable data can easily be lost over the course of time. 

TwitterGo allows users to tweet location-specific information. Whereby users can browse and read tweets specific to particular neighbourhoods, ultimately allowing them to gain another layer of information before entering a space. 

Coupled with Twitter's quality search engine, users will be supplied with location-rich statistics by searching any topic or hashtag. 

* This is a passion project and is currently in progress.


Twitter users are spread evenly between urban, suburban, and rural spaces. This feature must consider all areas to provide value to every user.

During the ideating process, the project was conceptualized as an app separate from Twitter. 

The initial concept was based around the idea of taking voluntary user data input and curating information to produce smart statistics about specific locations. These statistics would ideally hone onto keywords and key phrases to provide context to an area. Then the feature would be able to predict the likelihood of certain events taking place in specific areas.


After researching the demographic and creating user profiles, the groups that would be most interested in statistics-driven information overlap heavily with the community created by Twitter. Rather than trying to create a new platform to sway the audience, we will go to where the people are by creating an additional location feature to Twitter.

Important information to note in regards to TwitterGo is that users are spread relatively evenly between urban, suburban, and rural spaces. This means that if we were to recruit users from Twitter, the feature must encompass all areas and provide value to all users. 

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